Le livre des animaux

The animal book

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The book for little poets who love animals (0 to 4 years). The present for parents who want their children have sweet dreams.
The animal book is ZebraBook's first ever publication and has become a best seller. What better gift for a baby? You cannot go wrong, it's the perfect gift.
The story :
The animals have gathered together in the Savannah to create the child's unique name. With the accompaniment of a charming little poem they each bring a letter to the child to form their name and surname. The Lion will bring the baby an L, the Monkey an M, the Cow a C and so on. Your little marvel will be taken on an enchanting journey, discovering animals as you read them rhymes and learning to recognise the letters of their name.
Rest assured that with our repertoire of over a hundred different animal options we promise the same animal won't appear twice in your book, even if your child's name has 6 E's, three V's and 4 L's!
3 levels for 3 stages of development :
  • les dessins : de 1 à 18 mois, les illustrations plaisent aux petits, d'autant plus si c'est quelqu'un qu'ils aiment qui leur lit. Si en plus, vous pouvez imiter le cri des animaux...
  • les comptines : the rhymes: As they grow, from 18 months to 3 years the rhymes and rhythm will fascinate and what is more they help with language development too.
  • Then come the letters, 3 – 6 year olds will delight in recognising the letters and learning to read their very own book with them as the star for extra motivation!
The creators :

Tantalising text by Anne de Harenne and Hélène Dewaerheijd
Entrancing illustrations by Beatrice de Negri

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