Le tour d'europe

European Tour

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The European Tour our third personalized book, is aimed at little travellers from 4 to 10 years old
The story:
In this « European Tour », Harry, James, Lucy, Thomas... basically YOUR child will be the heroine or hero of a great search across our continent for the 26 letters of the alphabet. During their quest they have to pick tulips in the Netherlands, put Swiss cuckoo clocks back together, save a young stork in Poland, learn the art of drinking tea properly with the Queen of England, console a little Romanian vampire and so on.
This unique, enthralling tale, will not only encourage your child to learn to read but will also help him discover more about Europe as he completes his journey full of fun tasks and challenges.
Funny: We guarantee that adults will find ZebraBook's European Tour just as interesting as their children. What is more we've hidden plenty of little jokes in it just for you.
Clever: We carried out extensive (and highly scientific) research to ensure that the little anecdotes about each country were true, we even recruited all of our friends throughout Europe as official fact checkers!
No stereotypes: No stereotypes: The story has female football champions, lady truck drivers or fisherwomen, boys who are sad and men who cook or take care of baby storks. Basically it provides plenty of opportunities to see that both girls and boys can carry out any activity or profession they choose.
The dream team:

Text by Marie Thibaut de Maisières, founder of Zebrabook, feminist and fun-loving mother.
Artwork by the very talented Florence Weiser, caravan lover, friend to the animals and anti-conformist with a tender heart. Lovingly translated by Felix Lowe.

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