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6 February 2017

The book advise of "Parents"

It's us !!!

14 January 2017

"Le soir": make me a book with my name

5 January 2017

"Cheek magazine" books without stereotypes


16 December 2016

Bubble mag of winter

15 December 2016

"Cheek Magazine" Why this is a cheek gift?

13 December 2016

"Femmes d'aujourd'hui" toys that children love

11 December 2016

"The Bulletin" seven fun Christmas gift ideas for children in Belgium

http://www.xpats.com/seven-fun-christmas-gift-ideas-children-belgium "It's about history and the qualities of people in each country. It's about going through a big journey with your kids, meeting people," says Zebrabook founder Marie Thibaut de Maisières, whose work has been informed by research into sexism and stereotypes in children's books."