Magical, Made To Order Books

We lovingly create personalised alphabet books for each of our little customers, containing their name and surname. All of our beautiful books are made in our workshop in Belgium and are hand finished. Our books are educational, solid, attractive and ethical but most importantly they are lots of fun! We have three different stories, all of which can be personalised for your little cutie pie.

European Tour

The European Tour, our third personalised book and a total gem for little travelers aged from 4 to 10.

The story in short :
In this « European Tour », Harry, James, Lucy, Thomas... basically YOUR child will be the heroine or hero of a great search across our continent for the 26 letters of the alphabet. During their quest they have to pick tulips in the Netherlands, put Swiss cuckoo clocks back together, save a young stork in Poland, learn the art of drinking tea properly with the Queen of England, console a little Romanian vampire and so on.This unique, enthralling tale, will not only encourage your child to learn to read but will also help them discover more about Europe as they complete his journey full of fun tasks and challenges.

The animal book

The book for little poets who love animals (0 to 4 years) The gift for parents who love to give their children sweet dreams.

The animal book was our very first book and is ZebraBook's best-seller. You can't go wrong, it's the perfect new baby gift.

A little taste of the story :
The animals have gathered together to create the child's unique name. With a charming little poem they each bring a letter to the child to form their name and surname. The Lion will bring an L, the Monkey an M, the Cow a C and so on. A dreamy tale for even sweeter dreams